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Trust is something we are all struggling with on a collective level. The factors contributing to the loss of trust are numerous. Currently, we are being separated from each other in unprecedented ways, while many only interact through computers. In this isolation, we become vulnerable to those who wish to capitalize on our vulnerabilities. Our media proposes ideas that pollute our minds in ways that most people in society do not fully understand. What is even more frightening is how few people control the major media companies. These Mega-corporations have told us what to think, what to buy, and how to behave for decades.

A Swiss study found that only a small group of 147 Super Corporations control or influence over 80% of all the business on the planet. ( Many other documentaries are showing that these corporations have the most power and influence that is unmatched and unchecked. We are finally being shown the truth, even if we want to keep our heads in the sand. Today we face a different world that is slowly being divided further and further. It is impossible to know who to trust as both sides are contradicting themselves. I have discovered this confusion is intentional.

Most people cannot comprehend the intentional harm that is being perpetrated on the planet, as the statistics show that 99% of people have a conscience. The average person finds it impossible to believe that people are capable of harming or even killing others for personal gain or profit. Even more challenging to believe is that those people are never held accountable while successfully getting away with those crimes, which includes killing children. The human trafficking problem is just a glaring example of this chronic problem. Considering many “World Leaders” have been connected to these human trafficking rings, with the Epstein connections being a glimpse at the evil that is occurring. A simple look at the power the church uses to cover-up their crimes against children makes it evident to me.

Watch the movie “Spotlight,” which does a great job of portraying the problems in the catholic church. I personally cried many times watching this movie as the crimes are so horrendous. This behavior has betrayed the Trust of many Catholics and Christians alike. The question is, how could people of “God” behave in such ways? Well, the only explanation for such institutional crimes would be an institution that is run by psychopaths.

A 2005 study by researchers at the University of Surrey found that a more significant fraction of leaders exhibits sociopathic traits when compared with the general population, 4% versus 1%. ( Many new findings are showing a correlation between success and sociopathic behavior. Our society is designed so that those who display traits that lack guilt, remorse, or compassion will be more successful in our world. The findings show that those leaders who can fire and cut costs without worrying about the ramifications will ultimately lead to more successful companies. Since we live in a world that is driven by profits, it should be no surprise that behavior developed naturally to fill that need.

I personally don’t feel that being a sociopath is a natural way that people want to live. Too often, we are pushed into a fight or flight state, where we end up acting purely in self-interest. We find that each time we decide to better our lives, no matter the cost, it becomes a little easier to do the next time. Each success makes it a little easier the next time to make the tough decisions. When enough reinforcement happens, a new habit is formed, and the behavior is nothing more than a learned response to the way this world works. If it’s learned, who is teaching it?

A recent CNBC article was a big eye-opener to what the agenda is promoting. It states that “Leaders” who are psychopathic, are far more common than previously thought. The previous study showed that the rate in leaders was three to four times higher than in the general population, but Now CNBC claims as high as 20% of successful millionaires are PSYCHOPATHS. I’m not sure if you caught that, but the title of the article tells the full agenda. They seriously titled it, “the science behind why so many successful millionaires are psychopaths and WHY IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A BAD THING.” Seriously !?!?! WTF!

If you read the article, they state that as many as 1 in 5 of leaders are psychopaths. Now, if anyone has ever been the victim of a psychopath directly, they understand the dangers. Thankfully I have only one significant experience with someone who lacked any sort of compassion or empathy. I feel blessed not to have to endure the trauma that people like that unleash. I have so much compassion for people who are forced to grow up with a psychopath in their lives. Another experience I’ve had is from observing the psychopathic behavior in our institutions.

My biggest confrontation comes from the Medical Industry. I can honestly say from experience, after losing my wife to cancer, that most people in the “health care industry” are conditioned sociopaths. The actual care is totally missing from the whole experience, and the industry could care less about the individual. It would be hospice who FINALLY admitted that there was nothing that they could do to help my wife because she was too sensitive. The fact that the medical industry repeatedly fails to recognize sensitive people is psychotic and criminal. My book Dancing Beyond Cancer goes deep into that issue.

The problem gets worse when you get into finance and even worse when it comes to politics. The most psychopathic people are the ones who seem to end up at the top of the world pyramid scheme. These are the very same politicians who pass laws that force doctors to nocebo effect other treatments that don’t increase profits. It is a ruthless profiteering. The more ruthless the entrepreneur, the more power they usually gain. Now, we have a world run by heartless people who see the masses as inferior to themselves. They have no remorse when they destroy the lives of others, primarily if it is serving “their superior goals.”

These psychopaths promote their goals through many different methods. As the Plandemic is making aware to many people, our leaders are capable of some truly horrendous crimes. They are willing to promote lies and put people at risk, simply to push an agenda. Despite what you believe, there is contradictory evidence on just about everything out there, and it makes me mad. It is frustrating when people are unable to discern through the information for themselves. As that is a skill that was robbed during schooling, as being wrong is something people run from or defend.

If we were to change things, we would be facing the unknown. As most people are conditioned to fear the unknown, it becomes a challenge to bring in change.  This is why the media is continuing to spread fear across every part of our society. Even the safety that came with a job is no longer a comfort, as many millions are now jobless temporarily or permanently. The uncertainty is causing many to stress over fundamental problems like food and shelter. It is a scary time to be alive, and that is causing many to live in fear.

People living in fear will be sociopaths to anyone they view as a threat. Now watch the news for 30 minutes, and we start to see how many dangers are thrown at us. CoVID, riots, convicts, murderers, rapists, thieves, radicals, the crashing economy, the dollar, the housing bubble, and even our children are being surrounded in a bubble of fear. It is inescapable unless you unplug from the world and live far from civilization. We are in a practically inescapable fear bubble on this planet, as you cannot go anywhere without seeing a mask.

No longer do we trust our neighbors, our community, or our leaders. Why have we lost this trust? Have we all been wronged too many times? What has forced us to lose this trust that makes a society great? Without that trust, there can be no foundation. How are we to build this foundation now that almost all trust has flown out the window? Think about the people in your life that you can truly trust, do you even have any? Many people don’t, and this says a lot about the state of our society. So what do we do?

First, we are going to have to forgive, not forget. We first must move past our anger to productively deal with those problems. If everyone were to act from anger, then we might end up in an eye for an eye society. However, we also can’t permit the same injustices to be allowed to continue, and can’t commit injustice in the process of serving up justice. Through forgiveness, we can start to move forward, but that is only the start. Once we have recognized the problems, we then find forgiveness, and then can finally solve the problem together.

No longer can we allow society to dictate that profits are more important than people. People must decide to support companies who choose to make better decisions. We are seeing this in the food revolution currently happening. Ten years ago, major food suppliers didn’t worry about organic labeling, but now all the significant producers are involved, some for good and some not so much. Even companies that promote organic have secretly tried to eliminate GMO labeling. Companies switching to non-GMO ingredients have received horrible one-sided media coverage, incidentally showing the secret war that is occurring. I witnessed this with Chipotle, and it was criminal.

We have the power to win this war, but we cannot fight our way out. The riots are only showing how we can be just as bad as them when we use violence to solve our problems. We must make peaceful decisions, make decisions that only improve the lives of others. The ends do not justify the means.

It is so important to remember that the ends do not justify the means in all aspects of our lives. We cannot continue to support cheap costs if it means that many must suffer to make those cheap items, including children. Instead, voting with our dollars will eventually lead to leaders making wiser decisions. We can’t continue to be sociopaths who buy cheap items knowing full well that those items are produced by slave labor on the opposite side of the world. Companies will continue to exploit this planet as long as we let them.

Only a society that moves out of ignorance can hope to create boundaries that protect the people and the businesses in them. No longer should an elite group of psychopaths decide how our society should operate, as they only care about themselves. Psychopaths would rather see the world burn if it meant that they would gain more money and power, and we are witnessing that today. Thank you, Mr. Soros. We must set up boundaries in our community that protect us from supporting companies and individuals that go against our human nature.


Those boundaries are not going to be the same for everyone, but that is the point. Some people are going to want more significant boundaries than others, but that doesn’t make one person wrong and the other right. We are all right in our need for boundaries, assuming those boundaries don’t infringe on the free will of others. We can all agree on some limits, but we can’t expect all people to agree to live the same way.

I believe that having a healthy boundary prohibiting killing, raping, or assaulting other people to be almost universal. It comes down to a respect for life and all beings. While other social problems like nudity, religious practice, and other taboo practices also need to be respected. A middle ground can often be found when it comes to social issues, and that middle ground is never going to be the same from one group to another. A centralized group telling us all how to live will Never work because it fails to take each individual experience into account. As I’ve discovered that one person’s healthy desires could be disgusting to another, as seen in vegans versus non-vegans.

In fact, if we had more intentional vegan communities, then maybe we wouldn’t have the conflict of people disrespecting vegans by eating meat around them. Some people are honestly that sensitive, and they aren’t wrong. It isn’t the way I choose to live my life, but I also don’t bring a meat dish to an event with mostly vegans. Now I’m not going to stop eating meat because it offends others, but I am honestly more aware of the meat I eat because of Vegans. I no longer support animal slaughterhouses after watching several documentaries on the subject. I learned that not all meat was created equal, and it was vital for me to stop eating tortured animals. Having healthy boundaries is not wrong; it is healthy. 

Communities that dictate the boundaries locally, by and for the people, will help solve those issues. In working with each other again, we can make our community live more in harmony with each other. As I’ve discovered that each city has different aspects that need to be represented, we need to start respecting and listening to all voices. Those with more money and power should not have the most significant voice, especially without a proper set of checks and balances. This, too, will be different for each community as not all leaders are psychopaths.

The psychopaths that lead this world want us to feel separate. The truth is that they are scared of us coming together. The biggest fears the psychopaths have is that we are catching on to their crimes and will be putting them in jail soon. Their final attempts to promote a One World Order are failing all over the world as we are seeing people standing up. Even the efforts to promote violent behavior are failing. Independent Journalists are reporting on the agent provocateurs constantly, while witnessing average people standing up to those violent acts.

I have hope in my hearts as I see more and more people stand up to the injustices. The power we all have inside of us can’t be denied in times like these. We each have a voice that can change the world, only if we allow ourselves the opportunity. We have a chance now to make a significant change. It is time for us to make the psychopaths pay for their crimes against us. We all have a part to play in freeing our planet from the insanity that has consumed it.

Evil wins when good people do nothing, so be a force for good and take action.

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