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Exercising Free Will is a Rare Freedom In my experience, I have found that exercising free will is one of the greatest gifts we can use. When we unleash free will, our creativity becomes unimaginable. Sadly,We live in a society that rarely values the unique gifts of others, as many artists are never recognized in their time.  In that lack of appreciation, we lead many to fail at ever achieving greatness. Innovators across time have All expressed the extreme difficulties or determination that was required to become “Great.” I personally believe that this “Greatness” is within every single one of us. We are all capable of the highest achievements of greatness when we exercise our free will, free from the expectations of family, race, or society.

I have realized that “Greatness” is within anyone’s grasp. That journey will be different for everyone as each person typically defines great accomplishment differently. There are so many ways that people have found ways to overcome hardship, to break free of tyranny, explore creativity, or unearth ideas that change the world. It would be hard to deny that Gandhi followed a much different path than Steve Jobs, but both still have left their unique mark across the globe. Both men became great by exercising their free will despite popular opinion.

I feel it is thus imperative to protect the creative minds which have provided so much benefit to humanity throughout history. The past reminds me of the fact that many artists were never appreciated during their lifetime. However, today creativity is being challenged in every aspect of our lives.  The piling stresses of life only stifle the creative process. The freedom to express oneself through individual inventiveness should be encouraged and enabled across our society, but I find the opposite occurring.

In the world we live today, it has become increasingly difficult to exercise our free will. We live in a society that has stripped away many of the freedoms we used to take for granted. We now are slaves to a government system that well over half the country depends on for monthly monetary support, and that is getting worse by the day. With 38 million people declaring unemployment, it would be safe to assume many are not exercising their free will to work. Many don’t have a choice as the shutdowns have forced many to stay home.

For years small businesses have become overrun with government regulations and paperwork that have caused many small businesses to close. The newest round of virus measures is genuinely devastating to many small enterprises across the country, making reopening impossible or unsustainable. 

Corporations are also increasingly monopolizing industries that prevent any future competition. As we see, small restaurants close, and super corporations fill in the gaps with their private bailouts. The “Great Pause” is one of the most significant shifts of power to the wealthy that we have ever seen in modern history, as many are already reporting. As Americans, we no longer have the freedom to pursue our hearts desires free from heavy outside influence. This influence has even further entered our minds through the media empires that control the corporations.

Our oversaturated media devices are filled with messages to make us think the way corporations want us to believe. Many people are avid defenders of the ideas the TV spouts. They will even defend a Fiction as if it is Truth simply because someone they “Trust,” said it on TV. Currently, we have so many TV figures contradicting each other about the virus that it is waking many people up. However, even after the facts come out, people will defend the previous story because they heard it on TV once. Blind faith can be dangerous, as it prevents healthy discourse.

The media, in my opinion, has violated our trust more times than we can count. This violation is also a violation of our free will. We are told not to question the narrative, and even people that do are labeled as conspiracy theorists. The possibility of being labeled a “conspiracy nut” has prevented many people from ever pursuing the truth, hampering free will. Now we have the internet, and that has completely changed the game.

The internet has provided people the opportunity to connect in ways that were never possible, even 20 or 30 years ago. We are seeing the information that individual truth-seekers have discovered hit the internet in massive dumps. Slowly but surely, we see the world change from a society that runs from the truth to a culture that is hungry for the truth. The truth can be rather unsettling, depending on how far down the rabbit hole we decide to go. I personally have talked to many people that have gone down their own rabbit holes only to end up angry, mad, and infuriated at the wrongs discovered.

I was so mad when I discovered so many things I once believed to be for the benefit of humanity, were not what they appeared. It took me years to come to terms with the information I learned about GMO’s, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Processed Food, Farming Practices, and even the meat industry. I could easily go on, but when I first learned, I felt like the only answer was to tell Everyone.

Posting the truth on Facebook quickly led to a backlash that I never expected. People who I used to call friends were suddenly attacking me for my new ideas. The accusations and defensiveness expressed by people were demeaning and sometimes hurtful. I couldn’t understand why people would not even look at the information, saying that I was wrong. I faced so many ludicrous unsubstantiated claims. They publically called my ideas false and then felt they had to attack me to prove themselves right. If they could make me wrong or into the bad guy, then they wouldn’t have to listen to anything I had to say. I never made it easy for them, as I typically understood both sides of the debate.

The problem was that no one could prove me wrong. Repeatedly I would ask that if there was something wrong about my posts that I would appreciate being set straight. Since I would usually research both sides of a topic before posting, it would always be entertaining to witness the dialogue. My Facebook posts would reach between 200-750 comments. It was impressive, to say the least. There were several instances of my ego getting a swift kick in the face by new facts.

My favorite story was actually about health food. At the time, I was hyper promoting organic food as a solution to the health crisis we are facing. However, one person proved me wrong about my beliefs surrounding Organic food.  I was surprised to discover that companies were still allowed to spray loads of “Organic Chemicals” on all the crops. I didn’t mind being wrong, but I was disappointed to learn that many organic companies were not actually interested in the health of people. I wish I my discoveries were false, but alas, that isn’t the world we live.

It was an exciting experience to observe how people react when we challenge their reality. I never expected people to be so upset by being wrong. Now I further understand. It isn’t most people’s fault they just had their free will stripped away. Rather than pursue information for the sake of learning and growing, most people go through the experience of our schooling system. Teachers give an F if you are wrong and an A if you are right. So, school isn’t as much about learning but instead a method of conditioning.

Creativity has been stripped from many of our public schools. Regularly we see art and music programs disappearing from less privileged schools, and even those classes rarely promote real creativity. Thinking outside of the box is often discouraged in public schooling. My greatest difficulty in school had answers that answered the questions but weren’t the answers the teacher wanted. It didn’t matter that I answered the question; the point was to answer the question the same as everyone else. There was always a specific answer.

I felt wronged by this way of thinking, and I ran from traditional schooling as soon as I could. After taking every class at the community college that interested me, I stopped going. I never stopped learning as I would later, through self-determination, become a fully-licensed financial planner. I studied on my own, paid for the tests, and passed my series 6, 63, 65, and life insurance exams. I ran my own office for two years before having the opportunity to work and learn from one of the most successful retirement planning entrepreneurs in the country. I realized that learning from books or school was okay, but it was nothing to on the job training. Life experience was the real tool I used to grow.

Most people do not follow this path, and I’ve had to realize this. It took me quite some time to realize that the way I do things does not work for most people. My approach is unique, and there is very little that I can do to teach people how to be more like me. In fact, I would HIGHLY discourage any such attempts. I would instead encourage people to be more of themselves, to embrace who they are, and to find what it is that is going to make them “Great.”

I have taken the qualities I admire in others and incorporated them into who I am.  I realized that none of those qualities were the same as the qualities I hoped to emulate. I found better ways to emulate those qualities in myself. I am always trying to exercise the qualities that make me a better person in all aspects of my life.  Integrating qualities, I admire in others increases my ability to operate in my highest integrity.

I took that need to help others as a mission to start sharing my ideas. The problem is that I ran into many roadblocks. Not everyone I knew was ready to hear the thoughts that I was trying to share. Many of my friends started to shun me, and I no longer felt like I belonged. All I wanted to do was to help people. I could see the poisons in the food they were eating, the negative thoughts they dwelled on daily and so many other problems that I could see. I felt since I could see the issues, they must be my responsibility to fix. I pushed my ideas onto other people hoping to help them.

I had very little success with this method. Pointing out people’s problems and telling them how to fix the problem, just didn’t seem to get me very far. I didn’t have much respect for where the person was in their life, but I was great at projecting where I was in my life, onto their being. More times than not, people would become upset with my ideas and end up leading to a disagreement. I stopped sharing my opinions the more that happened. Sadly I ended up ruining many friendships, but it made me look at the people I associated with too. I realized that many people didn’t share my ideas.

I realized that as I grew new people that shared my ideas slowly started to appear in my life. Its funny how when I started doing the classes like yoga and ecstatic dance, I would meet people that were more like myself. My love of dance has brought an abundance of perfectly aligned people into my life. As if the universe knew that I was ready to interact and have new experiences with these people. It was leading to many profound spiritual experiences through breath work, mediation, and even yoga. I became a different person, but I realized I became someone I admired more, someone I liked more, and I ultimately fell in love with the person was.

My family didn’t support this decision, and neither did my “friends.” The decision to set out on my path was going to be a solitary one, filled with many new friends. This is why I say that there is no one way to find ourselves; each experience is going to be different. There are many ways to find the path into one’s highest purpose. Finding my purpose has led to me finding even more meaning in my life. Now it feels like my entire life is being lived with purpose, and it only took me a decade to do it on my own. A journey I realized that is never going to be over.

Now I feel I have an opportunity to share and help others on the same path. Some may do it faster than I and others may take ten times longer, which is okay either way I look at it. In sharing my experience, I can provide the most significant benefit to others. No longer am I trying to tell people how to live their lives.  Instead, I prefer to share my experience and the experiences of others. I have realized that we all seem to share very similar problems. It would shock most people to understand how many people have related issues. Sadly, too often, I see people handle those very problems in ways that are destructive or hurtful to the people around them.

It is a violation of free will to take out our problems on others. Today when people are upset, they will act in the most bizarre ways, as is so evident in the destruction. The news has, for many years, been filled with this behavior and is practically encouraging these days. We are witnessing news sources inciting destructive behavior as proper ways to express our frustrations. The news is feeding people with the fear porn in an attempt to trigger the very response in others. They want us to get mad enough at work, hear about another shooting, and think it’s a good idea. It is a scary world we live in when so many people are suffering, and the only outlet the news talks about is violence. I know that violence is never the answer, but we promote it as a solution in every aspect of our media.

Violence is just another violation of our free will. We must start acting with compassion toward all beings and respecting the free will of all people. It is crucial to recognize where others are in their lives. Respecting that no one is wrong, assuming they are not hurting anyone. We can all have and live our own truths that may even live in contradiction to one another. Religions could use a few lessons on having that level of acceptance. It doesn’t matter what someone believes, especially if that belief is not harming anyone. We must learn to respect all people’s views if we are ever to expect other people to respect our own ideas. We must stop fighting to prove we are right, because we aren’t. 

We must not force our ideas on others, despite the benefit we feel our plans would provide. It is in the highest good that we ask for permission instead. It is essential to understand the fundamental principle of asking for permission is also to allow someone the opportunity to decline. I have so many times watched people ask to do something only to do it anyway never allowing a response. Mind if I hop in front here? *Hop* Thank you for allowing them to do as they wish, despite your wishes. Or perhaps you are more familiar with, Mind if I have the last one? *NAB* Shoving the cookie in their mouth… I think you can get the point. The point is even if it is uncomfortable, we must allow people the chance to say No.

Consent is one of the highest principles taught by our spiritual teachers. Permission comes in many forms and should never be discounted as it is a fundamental principle of free will. Free will is considered one of the highest and most significant laws in our universe, so it makes sense why the great teachers would hold it in such high regard. Jesus would always ask people if they believed he could heal them before he did his miracles; he would ultimately be asking their permission to use the holy spirit to heal them. He never took credit for his miracles and always gave credit to the spirit. He taught us “one” path to finding our highest purpose. Buddha taught another way, and Mohammad channeled yet another similar path. The Koran channeled by Mohammad even mentions Jesus and Moses as ascended beings.

When we get into angelic messages we see a common theme about free will. The messages often encourage us to take action on the planet. I’ve discovered the “Angels” are here to help us, and when we pray to them, we can ask for their help. However, the “Good Beings” are unable to help us unless we ask for that help. They must even let us suffer if we choose not to ask for help. I had a hard time understanding this concept at first, but now I see just how important it is.

The spiritual beings many refer to as angels or divine ET’s seem to hold free will on the highest pedestal. It is so important to uphold free will that if someone chooses catastrophe or even death, the higher spiritual beings must allow it. Seeing choice as a principle more important than preventing a trauma. The higher beings feel wrong to interfere and infringe on a soul’s free will.  I was confused because I felt something like the holocaust was a huge violation of free will. However I came to understand, that if enough people on the planet agree either through participation or silent consent then even the worst events can happen. So free will is more important than “goodness.” 

When good men do nothing, evil wins. So, we must exercise our free will to the highest levels to defeat evil.  Not only for ourselves but also for the good of others. We must respect people who choose to make decisions that may appear to us as “wrong.” I find when people are actively harming others or restricting free will, only then should we, as a society, step in. We must listen to each other without thinking that our problems belong sealed up in a psychiatrist’s office. Only when we learn that, will we gain the knowledge to learn how to help people. We must just start listening to each other and trusting one another again. We must stand together, realizing that together we can never fail. Only when we are not together, do we ever have the opportunity to fail. Our lack of togetherness has led to many failures across our planet. We must respect all life if we are to expect our own lives to be respected. Personally, I can no longer support corporations that impoverish the people of the planet. I choose to spend all my money I earn at local establishments, and shop from companies that consider the planet and the people on her. 

If more people exercised their free will this world would be magnificent. There is no stopping a culture who embraces individual freedom and self expression. The “powers that were” want us to be afraid, and never express ourselves freely. The control system want to direct all aspects of our lives, but we can’t ever allow that to become the new normal. It is time for us to take back the freedoms we once had. It is our time to be the people that we weren’t meant to become, as we are the ones we have been waiting for. If we all start doing a little we will end up with a lot. I’m excited to see what the future brings. Join me every first and third #Monday for a #Brand #New #Original #Article. #Subscribe on #Patreon to gain #Early #access to Interesting Articles for Interested People. Written and Audio versions will be available for early release.  The previous articles will be published publicly with a #pomeranian video to #watch each time a new article is released. 

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