How To make Orgonite

If you are interested in checking out the Orgone Knight making process, Check out the Video Below



The Hidden Power of Orgonite – Interview about Orgonite


Portal to Ascension Interview with Brandon Strabala of Orgone Knights.  An in-depth interview about the power Orgonite has in our lives.  Learn what EMF protection is and how you can protect yourself from the stresses of harmful EMF radiation.  Check out the video below…



The Power of Frequency in Our Lives

The Ascension of the Soul Summit Interview with Brandon Strabala of Orgone Knights.  Learn more about how frequency is the missing component in how we look at the world and navigate it effectively.  When we ignore frequency we fail to address many issues that we can face in the world.  Learn more with Brandon Strabala…



What is the Problem with EMF radiation? Should you even Care?

A #brief #description about the #effects of #EMF #radiation and sharing a little bit about 10 years of #helping people who are #sensitive to disruptive #frequencies.

We need to #educate ourselves more so that we can #protect ourselves better. #Hopefully this helps start or further that #education.



Ascension and Ascension Tools

Talk about Ascension – Great Video with lots of tools and tips to navigate the ascension of the planet. Watch Brandon Strabala, Debra Giusti, and Laurie Wheeler talk about Ascension.  Some amazing tools for beginners and adepts to the Spiritual Path, as the path never stops we can always learn new tips and tricks to help navigate the world.



Making and Explaining Orgonite by Orgone Knights

Check out Brandon Strabala the creator of Orgone Knights during the creation process.  Listen as he describes the different aspects and how to make effective orgonite.